Alpine Parrot Rain and Outdoor Clothing For Plus Size Women

Curvy bodies in Australia and New Zealand can now get Alpine Parrot women’s plus hiking pants and shorts for curvy bodies! Shipped daily from Melbourne or visit us in store Melbourne.

Alpine Parrot started in 2019 as a response to the lack of size and ethnic diversity in outdoor apparel: They think it's silly that people still walk out of outdoor specialty stores, unable to find anything that fits!

To solve this, Alpine Parrot designed technical outdoor apparel for women's US sizes 18-30), focusing on the inclusion of our inherent diversity as humans who care about the planet.

We believe being active in the outdoors is key to a healthy life so why stop when the wind and rain roll in. 🌧 Enjoy walking, hiking, camping, and exploring with our expanding range of women's plus-size rain and outdoor clothing. Find your own path and discover the difference high quality and technical outdoor clothing that actually fits well, can make to your time spent outside, all year round. Singing in the rain just got a whole lot more fun!

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7 Items

per page

Why are Alpine Parrot pants so popular?

Alpine Parrot hiking pants are only designed for women’s curvy bodies in the outdoors. They’re designed in a quality, stretch and technical fabric, with a myriad of pockets and well-thought-out features to ensure your curvy body is comfortable when outdoors, hiking, and adventuring your way through life. Alpine Parrott founder Raquel Velez is an innovative thinker and leader in the plus-size outdoor space in the USA.

What are Alpine Parrot plus sizes like?

Alpine Parrot currently has one style of pant, in two different fit profiles, in their hiking pant range for women available in Australia. The Ponderosa Mountain Fit and the River Fit. Their women’s plus size hiking pants are in US sizing, making them bigger than Australian sizing. Some people don’t fit into their clothing as the waist profile seems smaller than some other brands, which is why we have the US sizes up to size 30 coming into stock in July 2024.
We recommend using the size charts provided at the bottom of each product’s page or reaching out to us for sizing support to find your best fit.

What is an Alpine Parrot?

In New Zealand, the Alpine parrot is a rare and highly endangered species. Researchers suggest that the parrots' adaptability could be a significant asset in coping with the escalating climate crisis.

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