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What Should I Wear Under My Outerwear?

What Should I Wear Under My Outerwear?

Layering under outerwear (jacket and pants) is the most important part of getting dressed to go skiing. The most essential layer is thermal underwear, which wicks away sweat and moisture from your skin. Base layers (thermals) come in a range of materials in different price ranges, from polypropylene blends to merino wool. Snow Thermals are a great product that has heat-reflecting technology to retain body heat.

Second layers can include vests, fleeces, and soft-shells that act as an insulating layer. This layer is very important especially if you get cold easily or have a thin, shell jacket on a cold day. Hoodies and other cotton layers should be avoided as they soak in moisture and get waterlogged easily. Neck-warmers and scarves can also be added for extra warmth, and of course, your outer jacket on top!

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