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Kerrie's magical adventures through Iceland, Norway and Sweden

Kerrie's magical adventures through Iceland, Norway and Sweden

“Seriously I couldn’t have enjoyed the trip as much as we did without having found your website.... your clothing... and your customer service.” - Kerrie

Dear Team at Plus Snow, 

I am writing this to express my thanks for supplying me with my plus size snow jacket extraordinaire. It indeed kept me warm and dry through Iceland, Norway and Switzerland and I thought I'd send you a few "proof" snaps...just for fun.

It kept me dry when I fell over... twice.

It kept me warm in minus 26 degrees in the Arctic Circle...

It came on crazy escapades at the Russian Border...

It helped make my "snow angel" epic...

It shielded me from the snow on the Hurtigruten...

Meeting the locals, an albino reindeer & a husky in training the Snow Hotel, Kirkenes

Some silliness...

And Hammerfest excursions...

It even featured on the local news!

It saw sunrises and sunsets...

And most importantly... it kept me warm as we witnessed the Northern Lights from our balcony!

Even though our trip was cut short and we didn't make it to Russia...what we did experience was magical... and I couldn't have done it without your help... Thank You


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Plus size travel to winter destinations has been becoming increasingly popular for years. Exotic winter destinations like Norway, Iceland, Antarctica, and the Arctic circle to adventure and see the Northern Lights, kayak and sail in icy waters and experience remote and natural locations has a certain adventurous appeal for so many people. Iceland, has become one of the world's top travel destinations, not only with thrill-seeking adventurers, but also nature lovers looking for something different.

Many of our customers visit these locations, making us even more aware of the popularity for these types of locations. As a plus size snow clothing specialist, we cater to plus size bodies who do not fit into the supplied rental clothing or prefer to have something which is comfortable, warm and stylish without feeling too restrictive.

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