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Our Purpose

We serve the plus-size winter sports community in Australia and New Zealand, creating a space that welcomes everyone, regardless of size, shape, ability, or background. We are advocates for plus-size skiers, snowboarders, snow and winter lovers, working to change perceptions of what an outdoor enthusiast looks like. Because representation matters.

What We Do

Working with trusted suppliers, we offer an extensive range of quality, affordable, technical ski clothing in women's sizes up to size 30 and men’s sizes up to 10XL. We ensure that our pants, jackets, and base layers have the features you need to feel warm, dry, comfortable, and ready for fun in the snow, whether that’s tobogganing with kids, waiting for the perfect shot at dawn, hiking in the bush or windy coastal landscapes and exploring all the beautiful Southern Hemisphere mountain ranges have to offer.

The Plus Snow Difference

At Plus Snow, we know plus-size bodies aren’t one-size-fits-all. Our range of products caters to a variety of body shapes, whether you’ve got a large waist to hip size ratio (hate that waist gape!), bigger through the middle of a big and tall guy - we make sure you can find ski gear that performs well, won’t break the bank and, most importantly, makes you feel great about wearing it.

Unlike other online retailers that give only vague detail about products and their sizing, we hand-measured every garment in our range ourselves. Our Shop Your Shape service allows you to work with one of our friendly, knowledgeable team, who will recommend products that are right for your measurements, needs, and budget. And it’s completely free. No more label anxiety: we want you to feel that tingle of excitement when your perfectly fitting, beautiful ski gear arrives at your door.


At the core of our mission is a belief that winter sports are, quite literally, for EVERY BODY. When we’re not petitioning brands for extended sizing ranges, higher quality gear options, and supplying curvy Aussies and Kiwis with the latest and best quality outdoor gear on the market (Looking at you Columbia), we’re working to elevate the voices of plus-size athletes and adventurers living their best life in the outdoors.

Through partnerships, storytelling, and community building, we are changing perceptions of what outdoorsy looks like one step at a time. Join us! | | |

Represent, support, supply and advocating for plus-size snow sports enthusiasts

Our Story  - Plus Snow

Plus Snow was founded in 2015, when founder Mon Balon made the decision to shift away from bricks and mortar business in Melbourne, Australia to an online-only ski store that now serves customers across the world.

Having built her business on great relationships, Mon knew it was important to listen to her customers as she planned the change, particularly those whose voices weren’t being heard elsewhere. Many appreciative plus-size customers came forward, and one, in particular, suggested that Mon ‘create a website which sells only plus size snow gear’. Recognising that there was a true need that wasn’t being filled, she decided to create a website and range doing exactly that.

To focus on providing high quality, affordable plus-size snow gear, with the technical features our customers – real skiers, snowboarders, and winter adventurers just like you - were looking for.

Mon knew that she was one of the few people who could make this happen. She had grown from a ‘ski shop kid’ in the back rooms of her mum’s Ski Recycle business in metro Melbourne to being a respected retailer in her own right, even spending time as the only female representative on the retail board of the SIA - Snowsports Industries of Australia. With this strong industry reputation, Mon was able to take her idea to her existing suppliers, asking them to make ski gear in an extended sizing range that would fit more plus-size people. They said “Yes!” – and just like that, a brilliant idea became a reality.

In the time since Mon and her team have continued to expand Plus Snow’s range of plus-size snow and outdoor clothing products and suppliers. Plus Snow International was launched in 2020, bringing high-quality plus-size outerwear to a global market. Demand continues to grow, with 97% of plus-size women recently surveyed reporting they have had trouble finding snow gear that fits.

We’re proud to say that we can fit our customers 95% of the time. But we won’t stop there – we want to get to 100% and to continue to grow the range of plus-size clothing options for skiers, snowboarders, and outdoor lovers of all kinds, particularly those in the Southern Hemisphere who often get forgotten by big brands. We know there’s work to be done -- at the Denver Outdoor and Snow Show in 2019, we found almost no North American brands supplying the plus-size market. But things are changing, and we’re excited to feel a small part of this change, and we will keep pushing our suppliers and the industry to recognize the needs of plus-size skiers and boarders.

At the core of our mission is the belief that the joy of the outdoors belongs to every body. More than just a store, we want to create a community and a movement- that opens doors to winter sports participation for all. Join us! | | |

Podcasts and Interviews with Founder Mon Balon

Founder of Plus Snow - Mon Balon

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